Vegemite and Dragons - That's What the VIstani Said

I've been involved in RPGs for a while, as any of you that read this blog will know. While much of this has been online, I briefly had a regular tabletop game playing SavageWorlds star wars, and the some zombies. But I wanted something regular, and I wanted to try out D&D. So I grabbed some of my online friends, signed up for Roll20, and purchased the Curse of Strahd module. Vegemite and Dragons is the result.

We're a diverse group of players from across the globe (our Australian, "Cookie," being the reason for Vegemite in the title). And this is our story...

Each week, we'll stream our game via Twitch, starting around 11:00 am Eastern (usually). I'll try to do a summary of the session on the blog so you can catch up if you don't want to watch/listen to the 4 hour videos. 

Dramatis Personae

Aleksei Morgan

Played by Roz. 

Hardwicke Morgan is a Big Damn Hero. A Paladin of the Order of the Gauntlet, he's surely saved countless lives. Maybe a village or two, or even a city. His sense of justice is unwavering. He was in his slightly more reckless youth when he fell head over heels with an elven woman. She would become something of a touchstone in his life, but one that came and went as she pleased, sometimes staying away for years before seeing him again. She did, however, make sure to deliver the bundle of joy that was Aleksei Morgan after nine months of absence.

Aleksei Morgan is a Big Damn Disappointment. Ostensibly from Neverwinter, he grew up with a variety of different family, or actually on the road with his father. His mother's presence in his life is as inconstant as it is for his father, and, truth be told, his father's presence in his life was never the most constant. Fortunately, the Morgans have a large extended family, so Aleksei was always taken care of, whether he was back in Neverwinter or on the road.

Hardwicke clearly had expectations for him, though. These expectations involved a lot of heroics and justice and being important and responsibility, none of which were things that Aleksei was interested in, despite the fact that he seemed to be preternaturally good with a sword. So once he got old enough he kind of...well. Bolted. He had enough supplies to start himself off, and enough skill to keep going. He lived by his sword arm over the years, and he had a flair for dramatics and performance than eventually found him a home in the various fighting and gladiatorial rings across Faerûn.        

Muiryn "Ryn" Ty Kolae-Gileana

Played by Cookie.

Savage finds itself wanting when describing the Goliath, Muiryn Ty Kolae-Gileana. If his stature wasn't enough the array of scars left by who-knows-what might be the tipping point; he looks, by no means, civilized. Shoulder length hair is most often a wind-torn mess, only ever tied back if he needs it out of his eyes, and his blond-auburn-flecked beard frames thick set features has seen no maintenance. Set beneath dark brows are eyes of haunting tempests; dark, ocean blue, flecked in with silver-grey. The man is broad shouldered and his life of hard labor has done him justice at least, more bulk than lean muscle. Muiryn's posture is one of a man that has grown accustomed to stooping beneath door frames for most of his life, seen in the forward roll of his shoulders and a casual slouch. It is a rare occasion that he draws to his full height, being quite comfortable trying to blend in with the crowd; despite how ridiculous that may be. His voice is akin to a distant, rumbling thunder that calls attention to the speaker even if he doesn't mean to.


Played by Scarver.

Childhood & Education
Rowan came up with a simple childhood. He had no formal education, but his parents taught him and his siblings a great deal. They were taught a number of languages, about the land and handling animals, survival when the crops were slim, hunting, and generally practical skills. They did not lead a particularly religious life, but they were taught the names of Gods and what they stood for from multiple pantheon. As a boy, given to being the protective sort even then, he became preoccupied with Helm and held dreams of becoming a paladin under Helm's name. Those, clearly, never came to fruition.

Military Service
When Rowan was a teenager, he tried to find someone to train him on the path of a paladin. Each person he petitioned though turned him down, seeing too much of the wild hair in the boy to take to oaths with the dedication that a paladin should have. When one suggested he spend some time with the military, to learn some discipline, he joined the army. It was not an easy road for him by any means - but he made up for his demerits in determination, a readiness to brace hard work, and a knack for being decisive when others were not - even if those decisions were not always the most efficient. He began his career as a scout, putting the skills he had learned in the countryside to use. He climbed the ranks quickly. It was around the time he was given his first command that he met Ryn.

Ryn had been brawling with a couple of the greener soldiers when Rowan came in to break it up. Rowan caught a heavy mit to the jaw but didn’t go down. He swung right back. The two were soon in the mud slugging it out, Rowan eating every hit Ryn gave him and returning it in like until a bucket of icy winter water was dumped over the pair. After that...the pair were thick as thieves. When Rowan was charged with leading a small contingent accompanied by heavy gear through swamp land no horse would make it through, he asked for Ryn to come along to help with the load. After that, the half-Goliath was permanently assigned to the half-elf.

Leaving the Military
Rowan’s career was going...well, Well would be putting it too simply, but it was on a slow, staggering, stumbling upwards path, slowed for his sometimes unpredictable nature and tendency to substitute his own plans for those he was given. They worked out more often than not though, and kept him from being outright dismissed. It wasn’t a sustainable pattern, though. Eventually he made a mistake. A big one. It lead to his being discharged and sent on his way after bearing the weight of his punishment. With Ryn and by then, General, still at his shoulder, he proceeded to the next chapter of his life.

Emerald Conclave
If there was one thing Rowan could do, it was survive. When they needed money, Rowan found them jobs. When jobs were scarce, the land always provided. They eventually found their way to the Vilhon Reach area, where they found a corrupted spring tainting the creeks and rivers, and in turn, the land and animals. It wasn’t an eloquent fix - lacking the magical know how themselves - but they played an instrumental part in purifying the spring and repairing the land. Rowan was quick to join the Emerald Enclave when the initiation was offered - missing the purpose and direction that he’d become accustomed to with the army. The looser nature of the Enclave, the lack of strict command and order methodology, has played well to his own nature, and he has thrived there. That is where he is still, trying to prove himself, better himself, and find his calling so he can answer it.

Family & Friends
Rowan Greenmarch was born to a pair of half-elf farmers - Duncan and Julianna Greenmarch - in the area around Cormyr. He also had a brother and sister, Sirus and Aster, both his junior. They are all currently alive, with the exception of Sirus who died while serving with Rowan. His sister has since married and has left him with a slew of nieces and nephews - 3 and 4 respectively. Rowan has never married, or carried on a serious relationship for that matter, with his roaming habits, but he does have two bastards (that he is aware of). Ivy was born when Rowan was 29 to a human herbalist in Cormyr and Oliver when he was 34 to an elvish fletcher in Waterdeep.

Where friends are concerned, when he is drunk, everyone is his friend. However, there are only two souls that he has known and spent time in the company of for any length of time: Muiryn and General. He travels with both since his discharge from the army.


Played by Baggins.

Tamarook is an Aasimar warlock who seems to have done her level best to deny her heritage. She covers her silver hair with a black and red kerchief, her amber eyes are half hidden by smoked lenses, and she dresses in ill-fitting armor. She drinks heavily. From a small town to the south and later from a city enough for a library. A real library. A member of the Harpers, she's driven by knowledge to a ravenous and sometimes coldly brittle degree, but her curiosity draws her to be interested in people, things, circumstances. She rarely jumps to conclusions. And she doesn't like to talk about herself.


Yess, the bird nerd, played by Tez.

A neutral good life domain cleric of Aerdrie Faenya traveling around researching the history of the all but forgotten patron god of the Aarakocra.

Session 0

For Session 0, I brought the characters together in the town of Daggerford. You can read my introduction for the session in this Google Doc. The whole point of this session (which was not recorded), was to bring the party together and get them started on the trail. The team met in the tavern, each was invited to a meeting with the Duchess, and they were asked to look into the Werewolf problem as well as get those "gods-damned Vistani off my lands." The Duchess was convinced the Vistani had brought the mists and the werewolves with them. 

The group took a few hours to gather some additional information around town, hooking up with their contacts. And it's a good thing they did! The Harpers with the group (Yess and Rook) were able to secure silvered weapons for the group, as well as two scrolls of Remove Curse in case someone should be turned.

Next, they went to speak to the Vistani and learned that the planes-traveling gypsies were there looking for heroes to bring to a realm called Barovia. The Vistani didn't want any trouble, and agreed to leave, but would do so only after the party took care of the werewolf problem (at the party's request). Our adventurers spent the night drinking and carousing with the Vistani, ready to set out the next day.

Session 1

Session one was our first official Twitch stream. The party went to hunt for the werewolves and, instead, found themselves surrounded by a strange mist that transported them to Barovia. After a bit of a hike, they found themselves in a village of the same name and checked into the Blood On The Vine inn. It was there that they met Istark the Lesser and became suspicious of a few Vistani sitting around a table.

More importantly, they discovered that no matter what alcohol they ordered, they received wine. This was a great distress to the half-goliath, Ryn.

While chasing one of the Vistani through the streets, the cry of a baby was heard. This brought the party to discover a pair of children outside of a house, claiming they hadn't seen their parents in some  unknown amount of time. Their parents, they said, had gone to take care of the monster in the basement, but the children were fearful and ran outside. Could the adventurers go save their baby brother? 

Once inside, the party began to explore the house, realizing it was more creepy than they thought. They've come to realize the children may be ghosts, based on the age of everything in the house. Working their way up to the third floor, they've encountered very little danger... other than a suit of armor that animated to attack them.

That is, until Ryn opens a closet and gets hit in the head...

What's Next?

Session two will livestream on Twitch at 11:00 am on 2/18/18 (A Sunday). We'll pick up where we left off.

We've also gathered a new computer which we'll start to put to use with video editing and try to make the archived Twitch videos better to watch. Stay tuned for a better splash screen, some editing, etc. 
I've also invited another player to join us! 

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