The Holidays: Season of OMG WHERE IS THE TIME?

I've let the holidays get away from me. 

There's really little other way to put it. With Thanksgiving come and gone, and Christmas just around the corner, I've let the blog slip away and haven't put nearly as much content as I had planned. We've managed to play two games picked up at PAXUnplugged (One Deck Dungeon and Khan of Khans) and I should be writing reviews of both of them. 

To give you all a little something for waiting: Both are quite fun, in their own way. 

I have a holiday guest arriving at the airport tomorrow so while we're in last minute cleaning mode, there's plenty of gaming planned over the next two weeks. My plan for you, dear reader, is to take some game-play photos and spend some of the time I'm otherwise lounging in a cabin writing the reviews that you're owed.

So buy the new year, you should have reviews on One Deck Dungeon, Khan of Khans, and Eschaton. 


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