Pumpkin Spice and Stress: State of the Blog

It's that time of year. Yeah, the last quarter of the year, when all the holidays ever try to force themselves into the same stores at once; when plans for family visits, friends flying in from out of the country, and a Convention all shove their way in... oh, and the need to get a certification for work. 

All of that is to say, I've been quite busy since the start of October, and it's not going to get any more relaxing until after the new year. 

There are a few things going on in my head, rattling around and wanting to come out, that I'll be posting as soon as I have the peace and quiet to get them out. But just to give you all a preview of what's coming...

  • I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo this year! Loren and I have decided we'll keep each other going through the month. I have five outlines laying around and still can't decide which story I want to tackle. It's a special kind of writer's block. 
  • I have a few twitch show ideas. I have a treatment created for one and will be working on the other. 
  • PaxUnplugged is coming up in November too. So while I'm trying to bang out 1700 words a day for Nano, I'll also be working as an Enforcer at Pax. Stop by and say hi. Maybe offer a hug? I might need it. 
  • As part of my time at Pax, I'll be running two One-shot D&D games. One of these will be a classic module; the short of the two though is one-shot of my own creation. I'll post that in the store of this site, as well as on DMSGuild when it's ready. 
  • I've found a number of gaming stores within an hour's drive of my house. Some of them have really bad internet presence, so I'm going to make a point of going to visit them anyway. Pictures and reviews will be posted on the blog. 
  • And with that? I'm going to start organizing gamer meetups. Explicitly inclusive gamer meetups for all the LGBT and color spectrum. I'm looking at some of the local breweries and other attractions to see if we can get some venue space. 

I think that's enough to keep me busy for a while. Leave a comment below and let me know what you're working on! Or, if you want to help with any of the above, I'd love to chat. 

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When do you use dice?

When do you use dice?