Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This past weekend, my husband and I took the time to go see Kingsman: The Golden Circle. We were not disappointed. What follows is my review of the movie, with a minimum amount of spoilers.  

Still, if you haven't seen it yet, be aware there are some mild spoilers. If you read past the image, then...well, you've been warned. 



Are you still reading? Alright, then, we'll keep going. 

First, I loved the original Kingsman movie. It was corny, it was fun, it was full of action, and the second one lived up to the same vibe. Maybe it was a little more on the campy side, but overall it pulled it off. 

Second, that poster feels like a lie. I went into the move with expectations of seeing Channing Tatum a lot more than the movie actually produced. While he definitely appears and has a role to play in the plot, he's not the primary Statesman contact that we've all been lead to believe. At first I felt a little cheated by this. Tatum acting in a strange, goofy way is quite the appeal to me. 

Instead, I spent the movie trying to figure out why this guy was so familiar. 


pedro pascal.jpg

The whole time all I could think of was Burt Reynolds, but that wasn't quite it. It wasn't until after the movie that I realized the vibe I was getting. 

Not Burt Reynolds, but Norm MacDonald playing Burt Reynolds! 



In the parking lot, I did a quick IMDB search that showed me the actor in question was actually Pedro Pascal and the reason he was familiar? He's a Game of Thrones actor. Please forgive me for not recognizing him; I last saw Pedro having his head exploded. 

A Boys World

There's been some conversation about the sexism inherent in Kingsman as a franchise. And, honestly, there's a lot there. Many of the female characters don't have the same depth of character that their male counterparts do. The Princess returns and is only a little better fleshed out than she was in the first movie. Halle Berry spends very little time on screen and has to fight to finally be recognized as one of the Statesmen (also, since they use drink-themed names, I still think she should have been Tonic, and not Ginger Ale). 

Matthew Vaughn could certainly have done a better job to level the playing field here than he did. I will say that Julianne Moore's villain was enjoyable and the nod to sexism was in her own speech - she correctly pointed out she would be the world's most successful businesswoman and no one would know. 

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the movie was great. While I'm not a huge fan of country music, I can't help but listen to the version of Word Up. Seriously, take a moment to go listen to it. 



The music team did a great job finding a tone that'd fit the movie. 

What if there's a trilogy? 

It's made pretty clear at the end that there will be. And it better feature Channing Tatum as promised! I'll go watch it and find out, in case you want to wait. 

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