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Matt Stephens

Freelance Project Manager


Game Designer


I still remember my first encounter with Dungeons and Dragons; I was seven and digging through boxes that my uncle had brought into our home when he was staying with us. Among the old vinyl albums and beaten up paperback novels were two red books. I remember being disappointed that I couldn't find dice, and yet being undeterred. I tore up scraps of paper, wrote numbers on them, and would draw one randomly instead of rolling a die. I read through the introductory adventure and, in my first experience... i died to a rust monster. 

Beyond Zork would be my next fantasy foray, and just spark my voracious appetite for sci-fi and fantasy. I devoured the Chronicles of Amber; I used my first computer to find online role playing. Ever since then, I have been unable to shake the bug. 

Now, I'm seeking to live the dream, to prove myself an author, game designer, and producer. This website is the record of my journey and the portal through which I may be contacted. 

You can view my Roll20 Profile as well to see what games I'm running or playing.